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2008 Volunteers

The following people have made the pantry a success by unselfishly donating their time and efforts to this worthy cause:

Ruby Carter
Cathy Joplin
Claudine Farrell
Matt Nguyen
Marsha Reeves
Tom Harwell
Pam Sund-Buck
Roberta Sund
Althea Milton
Sue Hempfling
Deanna Tarman
Vinnie Persinger
Chelsea Reeves
JD Todd
Irene Butterfield
Don Lancaster
Sue Gream
Allan Kjelstrom
Terry Trash
Mary Mackenzie
Mary Mattews

A Total of 2,600 hours were contributed to the pantry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Volunteer hours are valued at $18.77. This means that our volunteers saved us $48,802.00 in 2008. Thank You So Much.

Our Pantry Volunteers: Past and Present Volunteers

2008 Food Contributions

We have received 2,742 pounds of food and hygiene items from the generous public and our friends:
Sacred Heart Church
Orange barrel at All Saints
University Methodist
Ann Lucas
Don & Millie Lancaster
Faith Lutheran
Pam & Ginger Sund-Buck
Deanna Tarman
Wesley Methodist
Bob & Irene Butterfield
Trinity Lutheran
Allan Kjelstrom
Dawn Pate

Food Bank

Total pounds of food in 2008 = 42,078; the cost was $4,871.48, which included a $505.00 grant from the United Way and a $375.00 donation from Saint Stephen's Church. The average cost of a pound of food at the food bank in 2008 was $ .14 (14 cents).

Food Pantry

We averaged 35 clients per month.
We averaged 120 visits per month.
we supplied over 4.200 weeks of groceries for our clients.

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